Standard Bull Terrier -Ellis
Future Star - Pi Pi Lu
New Beauty Puppies - at August

Kennel development:

In 2004, we raised the first mini bull terrier and attended the first DOG SHOW, in 2005 set up a cold nose kennels. 2006 registered CKU membership and apply for the kennel. 2007, 2008 two years to focus on the construction of the new kennel. Indoor kennel, 800 square meters, 300 - square - meter outdoor kennels, area 3000 square meters. Have a higher breakthrough in breeding. In order to more in the future development of more professional, applied for a formal business license, and the "cool nose "registered trademark. Beginning in May 2009, we again on the pitch, in CKU, CKC, CNKC, NGKC association, the success of a time; 2010 kennels for the FCI international doghouse "Invincible Ghost Rider ’s Kennel (FCI) ", in order to cultivate more excellent and in the future, as a class C guiding hand. 2012 attended the CKU examiner learning.
Breeding process:
2007 standard bull terrier from THE famous "THE JOKER "dog kennel has imported THE first one. Most of THE current breeding puppies with JOKER pedigree. 2006 miniature bull terrier, imported from Russia, Poland and Hungary have to "Voiska Tamerlana "
blood system as THE main blood is a breed of dog. We decided to breeding France bull dog in 2012, from Europe with 45 years history, the method of cattle first kennel "De La Parure "imported the first level of dogs.
After these years of breeding system collocation, we have introduced more than ten breeding dogs to complete the title of world champion, Chinese champion login. We developed the first bul terrier breeding mini bull terrier champion in China. The first miniature bull terrier complete landing world champion title became the highest domestic miniature bull terrier, and in all dog breeds in 2011 was the 10th, terrier group ranked first. The first standard bull terrier world champion.
Service project:
Not only do we provide pre-sale, in-sale and post-sale services for our puppies, but we also have professional foster care centers for more canine friends. In 2018, it officially started operating pet products on Taobao. In 2019, a theme homestay where dogs can stay was opened in Yanqing District, Beijing.